Virtual RP is a group of like-minded roleplayers based in Colorado. We have written and run tons of sit-down, live-action, and forum-based roleplaying games over the last 20+ years. 

Athia is the first full-length roleplaying game to be published on the Virtual RP web site. It is the brainchild of Brettwick Gordon and Jeff Rathman, but both Jeff Bull and Laura Gordon contributed a great deal of writing to polish it off. They also contributed to the editing too – and Jeff’s lovely wife Kristina also helped. Artwork was done by Jason Camp and Chris Bjors. Many years/hours of playtesting were done by Jeff Bull, Annie Evans-Hilton, Ethan Evans-Hilton, Laura Gordon, Jordan Jennings, Scott Lininger, Brandon Mintken, Bridget Moore, Mike Moore, Liz Neuhalfen, Sean O’Neill, Brent Phillips, Dyan Stevens, Kim Stone, and Tim White.