Fantasy Role-Playing

by Brettwick Gordon & Jeffrey Rathman
Healing from the wounds of war and the blight of disease,

the lands of Athia finally enjoy a moment’s peace. Like the earliest moments of spring, winter’s silence gives way to new life. The gates of barren cities open, as roads and lands previously abandoned are rediscovered.

Those inhabitants that remain turn from the hardships of survival to the hopes of prosperity, but it is a constant battle. The undying Sick, the monstrous denizens of the wild and even fellow survivors are an ever-present threat.


The world awaits those bold enough to reclaim it.

The world awaits a hero.

“The war had killed countless, thinning our ranks and spreading us across the lands. And then, just when we thought we might have time to lick our wounds and return to our homes, the dead tore the few of us that remained apart. Perhaps it’s the will of the Gods, but those who’ve survived are the most resilient and tenacious of us. We have survived. We have survived, and yet I look past the walls of my city wanting more than this hardship. There are people out there still struggling, still fighting, still dying. Let us find them. Let us rush to their aid, bring them news, and assure them the worst is now over. Let us rekindle that most precious of ideals in a time when it is all but dead. Let us return hope to Athia.”

-King Valrik, House Thercer

In the Norths of Galven, Runa and her brother’s prayers are answered; something has slowed the Giant of the Frostwood who sacked their home and stole their reindeer.