What’s your favorite spell that you’ve made in Athia?

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    Athia’s spell creation is fantastic. One of my favorite spells ideas I had was for a dimensional pocket that damaged people inside of it, the idea being for a character to trick some people to enter a safe haven, and trap them inside with a wall of force.

    Never got to play it in practice, but it seemed like a fun idea at the time. What fun spells combos have other people come up with?  I need some ideas for my new Mage!



    That’s a tough one.

    One of the things I was pleasantly pleased with was having the idea for making a Mage who was a front line fighter.  I’d always hoped/wondered if it was really possible to make someone who could “hang” with the Warriors, so I created an Earth Mage and built a spell that combined Earthen Shield, Earthen Weapon, and Stone Hide.  Naturally it had quite the high DC, but I made a second version that was just the Shield and Weapon which was far more likely to be successful.  To my happy surprise when I got the spell off, my Mage was able to jump into the thick of it with everyone else and throw down.  He wasn’t as impressive as the Warriors mind you, but just the fact he was in there and contributing was super rewarding.  I would bet you could completely build a Mage around this concept and see his every Ability and Talent helps you in this endeavor.  You’d just be making a bit of a one-trick-pony is all.

    What was most important was that it was possible, and not only could I survive, but I could contribute!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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