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    When I was young I nearly drown.  It was a terrifying experience, and something that haunts me to this day.  The idea of something lurking in the water, wanting to grab onto you, to drag you beneath the surface of the water, and into an environment where you are completely helpless always sounded terrifying to me.  It’s with that in mind that I thought I’d put together something that can play off those fears.  The Norwegian people have many spirits and creatures in their folklore that dwell in rivers, oceans, and lakes.  The Nokken, are one of them.  Though the following isn’t a completely true representation of this creature, it does play off what I find to be some of the more terrifying aspects of it – that it watches, plans, and strikes without warning.  …and all while being out in the water staring at you.

    I created a creature that was fast, that could strike out of nowhere, and who was incredibly fast.  It would leave players and characters wondering what was going on, and perhaps might even be able to get a few rounds of violent attack off without the party realizing what all was happening.  Here’s what I put together, with my image below coming from the film, Askeladden: I Dovregubbens Hall or “The Ash Lad: In the Hall of the Mountain King”

    Askeladden - I Dovregubbens Hall (2017)

    Name: Nokken

    Challenge Level: 9 (97 Creation Points)

    Family: Faie

    Fear: 1

    Defense: 14

    Health: 48

    Actions: 4

    Hit: 3

    Damage: 3d6

    Speed: 40’ / Swim 40’

    Talents: Athletics (+3), Charisma (+3), Concentration (+3), Endurance (+3), Hermetics (+3), Notice (+3), Stealth (+3), Swimming (+3), & Taming (+3)

    Magic: Earthen Grasp (45’ Area)

    Special Abilities: Amphibious, Grab and Hold, Sense (People)

    Description: Little more of this watery creature is seen than the top of its head cresting the waterline of freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers.  They say it is taller than a man, though none have lived to have confirmed the tale.  It appears as a jumble of seaweed and other water-based plants floating in the water.  Sticks, twigs, and grasses accompany this natural greenery.  Underneath this camouflage is a single pair of eyes, often a rich, emerald green in color.  Nokken are exceedingly long lived, living up to a century or more.

    Ecology: Nokken are solitary creatures, living in a body of water chosen as their own.  The greatest and most powerful of them claim the largest of Athia’s lakes as their home, whereas the younger are often left living in the moving waters of the land’s rivers.  They are extremely territorial and aggressive towards people who dare plunder their home’s resources.  They are quiet and patient before an attack. Using magic to grab and hold their targets in place with watery tendrils beneath the surface of the water,  they can then pull their victims down, drowning them until they are expired and can be feasted upon.

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